Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia   | Categoría Colombia

Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia wants to be the best thematic hotel, giving a homage to Colombia and her regions, by the infrastructure designed to satisfy clients’ senses and needs, with exceptional personal attention, working in the continued improvement of processes, the environment and development of the human resources, generating a maximum profit for their investors and contributing to the development of the hotel sector in the city.


Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia will be known as the best thematic hotel of the country, a leader in personalized service rendering, exclusive and innovative, identified as a symbol of excellence where all its employees work with delight and pride.

Quality and environment policies

Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia is a thematic Hotel inspired in Colombia and her regions. The hotel have a infrastructure created to satisfy the senses and necessities of the guests, with superior quality, making rational use of resources, preventing pollution and guaranteeing the environment and tourist legal compliance through processes framed within the continued improvement and trained personnel in order to render an excellent service.

Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia has implemented and has certified its Quality Management System based on the Colombian NTC 6001:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 international standard by which you want to maintain and improve process efficiency, promote continuous improvement and resource management.