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Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia ’s About, in Medellín


Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia has become the best service provider Accommodation and Food and a hotel infrastructure, inspired by Colombia and its regions, created to satisfy the senses and the needs of its customers with quality, based on the continuous improvement of their processes to generate high returns for its investors and contributing to the development of the hotel sector.


2017, Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia will be recognized nationally and internationally as the best conceptual hotel Medellin leader in providing personalized service, innovative, identified as a symbol of quality.


Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia will endeavor to provide accommodation services and food and beverage, achieve the senses and satisfy the needs of customers, we will do this by differentiating attention, the development of our human talent, continuous process improvement , compliance with standards, the efficient management of resources and the development of sustainable processes, in order to strengthen the company.

Dear guest, in Colombia the fauna and flora are protected, avoid illegal marketing . Law 17 of 1981 and Law 299 of 1996

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia has implemented and is has certified its Quality Management System based on the Colombian standard NTC 6001 : 2008 and the international standard ISO 9001 : 2008 by which we want to maintain the effectiveness of processes, encourage continuous improvement management processes.

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