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Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia ’s Privacy Notification

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Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia ’s Privacy Notification, in Medellín

DIEZ MEDELLIN S.A.S, through this notification, informs clients of personal information who are in our data base that the political management of personal information are as follows:
The purpose and the management for the collection of personal information in which DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS can make use of personal information:
A) To comply with contracts underwritten between DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS and their clients, suppliers and employees.
B) To contact in case of complaints, claims, suggestions or to evaluate quality in the service.
C) To send marketing, advertising or promotional information about products and/or services, with the purpose of promoting and/or inviting.
D) To develop processes in employee selection, evaluation, employment contracts, labor vacancies and legal processes.
E) To carryout orders and payments to distributors and to report tax information about purchases to suppliers.
F) To protect visitors and employees in the facilities, through CCTV cameras.

In respect to the data obtained through CCTV cameras, these will be used for security purposes of the persons and elements found in the community areas of the facilities of DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS and could be used as evidence of any type of internal or external process, if the victim makes the report before the authorities and these take a stance. The information will only be used for the purposes here stated, and, therefore, DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS will not proceed to sell, transmit, or make it public, unless, there is a legal authorization to do so.

If personal information is provided, said information will only be used for the purposes here stated, all information is located in our servers coordinated from our offices by the IT department, these will not be sold, nor will they be given to any third party and will be kept private.

DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS will be able to hire a third party as support in the development of the operation. When personal information is provided to a third party, DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS will advise about the need to protect said information with appropriate means of security, prohibiting the use of the information for personal use and requesting that said information not be disclosed to others. The collection of information corresponding to minors, and the corresponding authorization, should always be through a legal representative, the management of these should meet and respect the higher interest of the minor, and their fundamental rights.
The rights of the client of personal information
The clients of personal information on their own or through a representative can exercise the following rights
a) Know, verify and/or update their personal information
b) Request proof of given authorization, except when specifically excluded as a requirement for the management, according to law.
c) To revoke the authorization and/or request a removal of information when it is considered that the terms were not respected, to this regard, the suspension and/or removal will proceed when the Industry and Commerce Superintendence (SIC) has determined that the management by DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS or a third party in charge have incurred in contrary conducts to the 1581 law of 2012 and the law decree of 2013.
d) To request DIEZ MEDELLIN SAS or a third party in charge about the management and use that their personal information was given and/or to report a complaint before SIC for infractions to the 1581 law of 2012
e) To have free access to their personal information which has been subject to the management.
f) To know our management policies and any modifications to them before they are implemented, they will be published on our website, usual electronic means by which our clients’ are contacted.

Privacy Notification Hotel in Medellín