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Spa Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Spa of Hotel in El Poblado, Medellin

Visit the Spa of Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia and let our experts pamper you. We have thought of a unique space in which mind and body enjoy a deep state of relaxation. Try our massages, therapies, the wellness area, facial treatments and many more services.

Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

RESERVATION: Calle 10 a No. 34-11 Piso H6 - Tel. (57) 4 448 1034 Ext 185 -

  •  Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Be seduced and transported through music, therapies, aromas evoking and raising your spirit to the highest state of liberation from all bonds, absolute tranquility, serenity without limits. Whoever reaches NIRVANA releases the ultimate expression of the being.

Spa Wellness
  •  Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Moments of relaxation inspired by our wonderful Colombian wealth: Go with a wave of feelings extracted from the conception of each region that provides moments of wellness and wholeness.

SECRETS OF THE AMAZON: (Amazónico 2:30h session) Water circuit, body peeling, private hydrotherapy, relaxation massage with almond oil.

LLANERO CHARM: (herbal session 4:00h) Water circuit, body scrub, body wrap, private hydrotherapy, soothing facial, massage luxe spa candle.

ANDES RITUAL: (coffee/floral session 4:00h) Water circuit, body scrub, body wrap, floral facial cleansing, bamboo massage

PACIFICO DREAMS: (tropicales session 3:10h) water circuit, body scrub, body wraps, private hydrotherapy, earthly massage with volcanic stones.

CARIBBEAN PASSION: (algae session 4:00h) water circuit, body scrub, body wraps, private hydrotherapy, luxury caviar facial, coconut massage

* The day spa programme include snack and decor in the cabins.

Manual Therapies
  •  Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Coconut nut: massage with shells

Earthly: thermal stone massage

Candlelight thermal: massage with warm natural oils

Cane: Different diameters bamboo massages

Ancestral: massage with hands

Balancing Facial Aesthetics
  •  Diez Hotel Categoría Colombia

Therapies that are a series of manual operations that will provide the patient with well being, relaxation and/or health.

Soothing facial: skin luminosity

Facial: extraction and vaporization

Purifying and vitalizing:hydration products

Luzxury Caviar: Collagen Veil